Very Large Hostas

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Very large. A hypoleuca hybrid with heavily corrugated cupped leaves , dark green, white beneath, forming an upright mound.
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Blue Mammoth
Very Large. Huge blue-green leaves with moderate corrugation. A sieboldiana hybrid, one of the largest blue leaved cultivars available. The leaves are lighter blue than most of this type, turning green in summer, nicely puckered and a bit rumpled, with lots of substance.
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Blue Umbrellas
Very large. Forms a huge mound of bluish-green leaves in the spring, turning dark green in summer. Leaves are rounded with a heart-shaped base, nicely cupped with deep veins and a bit of corrugation.
Price: $9.95

Bottom Line
Very large. A sport of 'Sum and Substance' with green leaves, somewhat glossy, with wide yellow margins. The margins are irregular and increase to an inch or more wide as the plant matures.
Price: $14.95

Cardwell Yellow
Very large. Bright yellow leaves, broadly heart-shaped, nicely corrugated with slightly wavy edges.
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Daddy Boomer
Very Large. Blue-green leaves, turning green in summer, with yellow margins. Leaves have moderately wavy margins with a bit of puckering.
Price: $14.95

Dragon Lady
Very Large. Forms an upright mound of huge arching, heart-shaped leaves, dark green with a blue tint, deeply lobed at the base, slightly wavy and nicely puckered when mature. Makes an outstanding specimen.
Price: $39.95

Very large. Forms a huge upright specimen size plant of shiny green heart-shaped leaves. Very impressive as a background plant. Often listed as nigrescens 'Elatior' because it was considered a form of nigrescens. It is now thought that it is a hybrid of nigrescens, which would make "Elatior' the correct name.
Price: $14.95

Very Large. Huge, rounded blue leaves, cupped and puckered, forming a mound 6' or more across at maturity. Formerly listed as sieboldiana 'Elegans', but now considered to be a hybrid and not a species. This is the classic big blue hosta.
Price: $12.95

Final Summation
Very large. This is a sport of 'Sum and Substance' with green leaves and yellow margins.
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Frances Williams
Very large. A sport of 'Elegans' with large, broadly heart-shaped blue leaves with a wide gold margin, heavily corrugated. Gets quite large, but takes a while. Subject to spring disiccation burn on the margins and probably better suited for northern areas.
Price: $9.95
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Green Sheen
Very large. Large heart-shaped shiny green leaves with prominent veins. Makes an excellent specimen plant.
Price: $9.95

Grey Ghost
Very large. A sport of 'Blue Angel' that emerges creamy-white, then changes to pale yellow, and then to blue. Approximately 36" high x 60" wide. Lavender flowers.
Price: $19.95

Hirao Supreme
Very large. Forms a wide, arching mound of medium green, slightly shiny leaves with wavy edges. Large clusters of lavender flowers produce a beautiful display in the summer.
Price: $12.95

Humpback Whale
Very Large. Forms a huge mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves with a slight hump in the center.
Price: $19.95
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Maggie May
Very large. Forms a very large, somewhat upright mound of arching, heart-shaped leaves, bluish green in spring, dark shiny green in summer. Leaves are slightly downwardly cupped, and nicely rippled.

Fun fact: Many will recognize that this plant was named after a Rod Stewart song, but did you ever notice that the name "Maggie May" never appears in the lyrics?
Price: $39.95

Mesa Fringe
Very large. Forms a stately mound of heart-shaped green leaves with piecrust edges.
Price: $19.95

Very large. A somewhat upright plant with deep blue-green leaves, becoming dark green in the summer. The leaves are ovate, lightly cupped and intensely corrugated when mature.
Price: $7.98
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Reflected Glory
Very large. Forms a low spreading mound of frosty blue leaves with irregular gold margins, with slightly wavy edges and prominent veins. One of the last introductions from Mildred Seaver, remembered as the Queen of Hostas. Mildred was known by all in the American Hosta Societ both for the beautiful plants that came from her breeding program and for lively personality. This was one of her favorite introductions. When Mark Zillis published The Hostapedia in 2009 he noted that only 3 people owned this hosta.  Fortunately, one of them, Ken Ziarek, is a friend of mine and he provided me with a plant.  These are divisions of the plant he obtained from Mildred.  They are not from tissue culture.
Price: $59.95

Very large. Forms a huge mound of shiny green heart-shaped leaves, heart-shaped and slightly cupped, with prominent veins and a bit of corrugation.
Price: $39.95

Silver Giant
Very Large. Forms a huge mound of silvery blue leaves with wavy edges, turning green in summer.
Price: $24.95

Very large. Heart-shaped yellow leaves with wavy edges, light corrugation, and prominent veins.
Price: $19.95

Sum of All
Very Large. A sport of 'Sum and Substance' with huge green leaves with a gold margin. As with 'Sum and Substance' it is a bit slow to take off, but can form a mound 6' or more across at maturity. The margin gets wider as the plant matures. Approximately 30" high x 72" wide. Lavender flowers.
Price: $19.95

T Rex
Very large. Green, heart shaped leaves, registered as 18" long and 14" wide, corrugated, with wavy edges.
Price: $14.95

Very large. A sport of 'Sum and Substance'. Leaves are green with gold margins, 1-2" wide.
Price: $14.95

Ulysses S. Grant - HalfPint
Very large. Forms an upright, vase-shaped mound of blue foliage, nicely corrugated, with rippled edges.

Price: $7.95
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Vim and Vigor
Very Large. A sport of ‘Sum and Substance’ with huge green leaves. The foliage has a waxy bloom in the spring that gives it a bluish-green cast, turning to a shiny green in the summer. Grown under the same conditions, it should get at least as large as ‘Sum and Substance’, probably larger.
Price: $19.95

Winter Snow
Very large. I think this is the best white margined sport of 'Sum and Substance'. The leaf color can range from light green to gold, depending on the light level, rounded and somewhat rumpled when mature. The white margin is variable, but can be more than an inch wide on older plants.
Price: $15.96
Standard Size original price: $19.95 save 20%