Green Hostas

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Allegan Emperor
Large. A hybrid of H. nigrescens with rounded blue-green leaves, turning green in summer. Forms an upright mound, but is a bit unruly, much less formal in appearance than nigrescens. Leaves are a bit wavy and slightly corrugated.
Price: $19.95

Baby Kim
Very small. Forms a low mound of green leaves. A venusta type, smaller than the species.
Price: $4.95
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Big Bopper
Very Large. An ‘Uncle Albert’ hybrid with large glossy medium green leaves, wide at the base and tapering to a sharp point. A Bridgewood Gardens introduction. It’s kikutii background is apparent from its leaf shape, its deeply impressed veins, and its low spreading habit. Its flower scapes bend toward the ground and are held somewhat horizontally, a trait it inherits from both H. kikutii var. caput-avis and H. hypoleuca., from which ‘Uncle Albert’ is bred.
Price: $34.95

Very large. A hypoleuca hybrid with heavily corrugated cupped leaves , dark green, white beneath, forming an upright mound.
Price: $14.95
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Medium. This is a sport of 'Invincible', It appears to be a tetraploid, with thicker, darker leaves, glossy, with slightly wavy margins. The flowers are larger and the flower scape is thicker than those of ‘Invincible’. This is our introduction of a plant that originated at Winterberry Farms. We discovered this plant in a batch of tissue culture liners of ‘Invincible’ we received from them and first offered it in 2007. I’m told by Bob Solberg that if it is a true tetraploid (it has not been tested) the fragrance will also be stronger, but I am no judge of such things.
Price: $19.95
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Dragon Lady
Very Large. Forms an upright mound of huge arching, heart-shaped leaves, dark green with a blue tint, deeply lobed at the base, slightly wavy and nicely puckered when mature. Makes an outstanding specimen.
Price: $39.95

Dreamboat Annie
Large. Shiny, dark green leaves, ovate, downward cupped, with deeply impressed veins. A Bridgewood Gardens Introduction. A Bridgewood Gardens introduction, registered in 2009 and first offered for sale in 2013.
Price: $49.95

Small A kikutii hybrid with slightly shiny dark green leaves, nicely veined. Smaller than the other kikutii types we grow. This plant is rarely ever offered, probably because it’s green, but it’s really quite nice and deserves to be more widely grown.
Price: $7.95

Small. Forms a dense mound of small grey-green heart-shaped leaves. Useful as a fast-growing ground cover.
Price: $5.95

Flower Power
Large. Forms an upright clump of shiny, dark green heart-shaped leaves with wavy margins. From a cross of H. nigrescens and H. plantaginea.
Price: $12.95

Medium. This is one of the few hostas grown strictly for its flowers. In fact, you hardly ever see a description that even mentions the leaves. Well here goes. They’re green. Plain ol’ medium size green leaves. But the flowers! Fully double lavender flowers, up to 50 on a stem. If you are interested in hosta flowers, you have to get this hosta. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture yet. Found on the slopes of Mt. Fuji.
Price: $4.95
Out of stock
Small. Green ovate leaves with heavy corrugation. A green tissue culture sport of 'Peanut'.
Price: $6.95

Grand Finale
Small/Medium. Shiny, medium green leaves topped by a nice show of pale purple flowers late in the season.
Price: $4.95

Green Velvetine
Very Large. Shiny green ovate leaves, with slightly wavy edges and prominent veins.
Price: $9.95

Heart's Content
Medium. Dark green heart-shaped leaves with broad creamy white margins, nicely puckered, with heavy substance. Approximately 24" high x 40" wide. Lavender flowers.
Price: $6.95

Hirao Supreme
Very large. Forms a wide, arching mound of medium green, slightly shiny leaves with wavy edges. Large clusters of lavender flowers produce a beautiful display in the summer.
Price: $12.95

Holly's Velvet Piecrust
Medium. Shiny, dark green leaves, broadly heart-shaped with a heavily rippled margin.
Price: $12.95

Medium. Tightly massed, 4" long leaves are bright glossy green, slightly wavy. Rapid grower useful as a ground cover. Fragrant, almost white flowers in summer. Because of its name, some have assumed that it is resistant to slug damage, which it is not.
Price: $9.95

Medium. Beautiful shiny dark green leaves, broadly heart-shaped with a bit of corrugation.
Price: $9.95

Medium. A species from Japan, forms a beautiful flowing mound of long, narrow, sharply pointed green leaves with prominent veins.
Price: $7.95

kikutii var. yakusimensis
Small. One of the best of the kikutii forms, with narrow, arching, dark green leaves with prominent veins.
Price: $7.95

Komodo Dragon
Very Large. Forms a huge clump up to 6’ across. Leaves are dark green, heart-shaped, nicely veined, with rippled edges and a pointed tip. A mature specimen is truly magnificent.
Price: $14.95

Small. The shiny, dark green leaves are narrow and pointed, with wavy edges, growing upright and forming a very attractive mound. A species plant, excellent in the garden and a valuable breeder.
Price: $6.95

Lakeside Accolade
Large. Shiny, dark green leaves, rounded with a distinct tip, cupped with a bit of puckering.
Price: $8.95

Lakeside Little Gem
Small. Forms a dense mound of wavy-edged green leaves.
Price: $6.95

Lakeside Neat Petite
Small. Blue-green heart-shaped leaves, forming a nice, tight mound. Excellent for edging or ground cover.
Price: $9.95

Lakeside Prophesy
Medium. Heavily corrugated, wavy, heart-shaped, dark green leaves with rippled edges.
Price: $19.95

Lakeside Sir Logan
Medium. An unusual variety with dark green, glossy leaves, heart-shaped and downwardly cupped.
Price: $19.95

Lakeside Zinger
Very Small. A vigorous, fast growing plant with small, dark green leaves with white margins speckled with green.
Price: $9.95

Lemon Lime
Very Small. Chartreuse, wavy-edged lance shaped leaves. Increases rapidly. One of the best varieties for a low, fast growing ground cover. A bit of morning sun helps bring out the brightest color.
Price: $4.95

Limey Lisa
Very small. Leaves emerge bright limey-green and darken through the summer. Forms a nice dense clump good for edging or ground cover. Excellent flower display in the summer.
Price: $9.95

Maggie May
Very large. Forms a very large, somewhat upright mound of arching, heart-shaped leaves, bluish green in spring, dark shiny green in summer. Leaves are slightly downwardly cupped, and nicely rippled.

Fun fact: Many will recognize that this plant was named after a Rod Stewart song, but did you ever notice that the name "Maggie May" never appears in the lyrics?
Price: $39.95

Marilyn Monroe
Medium. Beautiful ovate green leaves with white backs and intensely rippled edges. A seedling of 'Urajiro Hachijo'.
Price: $14.95

Miss American Pie
Large. long, shiny, medium green leaves, arching and sharply pointed with a heart-shaped base, often folded at the mid-rib. Leaf edges are nicely pie-crusted, and back of the leaves are powdered white.A Bridgewood Gardens introduction. This is one of our 'Uncle Albert' hybrids, first offered in 2007.
Price: $24.95

montana "Creech"
Medium. Glossy, medium green leaves, with elongated, wavy edges. H. montana varies greatly in the wild, and this form, is very different from the more commonly grown dark green, pie-crusted form. The leaf is glossy, medium green, with elongated, wavy edges and the plant is smaller. Very nice and quite unusual. Imported from Japan by J. L. Creech, former director of the U.S. Arboretum.
Price: $7.95

Moonlight Sonata
Large. Rounded, blue-green leaves with heavy substance, turning shiny green in summer, slightly cupped, with a distinct tip and a bit of rippling on the edges, Forms a beautiful specimen.
Price: $9.95

Mount Everest
Medium. Ovate green leaves with a yellow margin that turns white in summer.
Price: $12.95

Mustang Sally
Medium. Forms a semi-upright mound of glossy, dark green, broadly ovate leaves with heavy substance, prominent veins and dark red petioles. Should be grown in shade for best color. Slug resistant. A Bridgewood Gardens introduction, first offered in 2007. An ‘Uncle Albert’ hybrid.
Price: $19.95

Medium. Dark green heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges. Puts on a great flower display.
Price: $4.95

Nancy Gill
Large. Upright, cupped blue-green leaves with white undersides, turning green in late summer.
Price: $14.95

Oh My Heart
Medium. Dark green heart-shaped leaves. This plant is notable for its amazing flower display, probably producing more flowers on each scape than any other hosta.
Price: $14.95

Old Faithful
Large. Forms a vase-shaped mound of shiny, heart-shaped green leaves with prominent veins, held upright on red petioles. Fragrant flowers.
Price: $14.95

One Man's Treasure
Medium. Shiny green leaves with wavy edges on deep red petioles. The red color extends a bit up into the leaf midrib. Flower scapes are also deep red.
Price: $9.95

Medium. Moderately rippled green leaves, heart-shaped with prominent veins on red petioles.
Price: $12.95

Pineapple Poll
Medium. Long, narrow, grayish-green leaves with rippled edges. Foliage is upright in the center, arching to the ground at the edges on older plants.
Price: $7.95

Quilted Hearts
Large. Leaves are roundly heart-shaped, blue-green, changing to dark green in summer, with a lot of puckering.
Price: $19.95

Radio Waves
Very small to small. Narrow, wavy green leaves with good substance. The leaf has a narrow band of lighter green along the mid-rib in the spring.
Price: $12.95

Red October
Medium. The foliage is medium to dark green with white underneath. The habit is upright and arching. For those who like red petioles, this is one of the best. Both the leaf petioles and the flower spikes are nicely colored.
Price: $7.95

Red Stepper
Medium. Very shiny, dark green leaves, moderately wavy and twisted, on bright red petioles.
Price: $8.95

Large. Bluish green leaves are white on the underside. Forms a wide, low mound. Leaf petiols are speckled red. In addition to being a beautiful plant for the garden, this one has been very popular as a breeder.
Price: $9.95

Small. Shiny green lanceolate leaves. Approximately 12" high x 24" wide. Purple flowers.
Price: $3.95
Standard Size original price: $5.95 save 34%

Surfer Girl
Very Small. A venusta hybrid, the leaves are sharply pointed and deeply rippled, dark green with a satiny sheen. A Bridgewood Gardens introduction first offered in 1998. The wavy edges of the leaves are very pronounced and attractive. Increases rapidly.
Price: $14.95

Small. Green spoon-shaped leaves, rounded and slightly cupped.
Price: $3.95
Standard Size original price: $7.95 save 50%

Uncle Albert
Large. This is a Bridgewood Gardens introduction, the result of a cross between hypoleuca and H. kikutii var. ‘Caput Avis’. We first offered it in 1988, but since then we have seldom listed it for sale. The leaves on a mature plant are, 15” long and 12” wide, glossy medium green, white beneath, with prominent veins and rippled edges. The most unusual feature of the plant is its flower scape and blooms. The scape is very dark purple, spotted almost to the bud.? The unopened flower head is the largest I have ever seen on a hosta, with a large vestigal leaf, up to 6” across and 12” long, at the base of each bud. Some scapes are held upright, arching at the top, while others lean and emerge lower in the foliage. Each bud produces a large number of lavender flowers, and when they first start to open, the flower head can be almost as large as a hydrangea. While it is a very attractive plant, we consider it useful primarily for breeding, and it has produced some excellent seedlings, a few of which we are currently offering, with others under evaluation
Price: $74.95

Urajiro Hachijo
Small. Shiny, heart-shaped leaves with rippled edges and good substance. A very cute plant that is often used in breeding for rippled edges.
Price: $19.95

Valentine Lace
Medium. Wavy-edged, gray-green heart-shaped leaves with prominent veining.
Price: $7.95

Small. A dwarf species, forming a very small mound of green foliage. Multiplies quickly. This is the smallest of the hosta species, but while it stays low, its spreading habit can cover a fairly large area in time, 24" to 30" is possible after several years.
Price: $2.95
Standard Size original price: $5.95 save 50%