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The best way to reach us is by email. We can often answer several emails in the time it takes us to reach one person by phone.

Answers to many of the questions we get can be found on our site.  You might check the site map to see if there is a topic that covers the information you need.  There is a link to the site map at the top and on the left side of this page.

We do not have an office staff, and if we can help it, we never will. This just isn't an office staff kind of place. We work outside, growing plants, we hate cell phones, and so sometimes it's hard to reach us by telephone. If you leave a message on our machine, we will try to call you back as soon as we notice the little red light blinking. If you just hang up and call back later, you are likely to get very frustrated. Your best chance at reaching us in person on the first try is around 9AM, but even that's not a sure thing. If you're never around to answer the phone either, we give up pretty quickly, so an email would be best. Our phone number is (540) 233-2483.  And if you leave us a message, please speak slowly, spell the hard words, tell us your phone number, and let us know why you are calling.

Our mailing address is: Bridgewood Gardens, 257 Sadlick Road Strasburg, VA 22657

You can send a message to us using the form below.

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