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Big Changes for the New Year

After many years of operating as separate mail order nurseries, Bridgewood Gardens and The Crownsville Nursery are getting back together

About 20 years ago we found  that our collection of perennials, ferns and hostas had grown to over a thousand varieties. Offering so many plants in one catalog became unwieldy, so we removed most of the hostas from the Crownsville nursery catalog and started Bridgewood Gardens. Well, times change, and the internet has made it easier to offer a large number of plants in one place and we decided that life would be simpler if we put everything back together again. Starting this season, all of our sales will again be through The Crownsville Nursery.  Our combined 2016 online catalog is now on line at\store.

We will still have hundreds of different hosta varieties, and will now be able to offer all of our shade perennials, ferns, and hostas on one web site.  They will still be grown and shipped by the same people, so you can expect the same quality and service.

Our hostas will be listed on the same web site as The Crownsville Nursery's perennials and ferns. Our new web site will offer a great selection of plants, nearly all of them suitable for the shaded garden.

Combining our nurseries will make things easier for our many customers that have ordered from both web sites in the past. All of our plants will be in the same place, so you will no longer have to place separate orders and pay separate shipping charges.

Our new web site has a new shopping cart that will make ordering easier, with a cleaner look and organization and a simpler one page checkout. The new cart also has a vastly improved search function that should make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Click here to visit our new web site

If you have any questions, email us at

Your Account Information

Unfortunately, in developing our new web site we were unable to access any password protected data.  If you had an account with Bridgewood Gardens, we could not transfer your account information (your billing and shipping addresses, order history, or wish list) to the new Crownsville Nursery site.

If you would like to view your order history or wish list, we will maintain the Bridgewood Gardens site at least through the spring. We will also leave most of the information pages on the site until we get them updated and moved.  Plants will be offered for sale only on the Crownsville Nursery site.

Click here to visit the old Bridgewood Gardens site.

To access your account click on "Secure login" in the green bar near the top of the page.


Hosta 'Satisfaction'
A Bridgewood Gardens Introduction

Hostas are easy to grow perennials grown primarily for their colorful foliage.  They thrive in light shade and can survive for decades with little or no care.

If you're a bit leery about buying plants on the internet, you can see what our customers have to say about our quality and our service at

We are not importers and we are not an internet pretend nursery that that sells plants grown by others. We grow the plants we sell.  We've been doing it for over 35 years and we're finally getting the hang of it.