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It's the 13th Annual Ugly Plant Sale
Its a pretty big sale.
There are lots of excellent bargains on hostas you still don't have.

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Pot Luck Collections

If you are new to hostas and don't know where to start or if you just want some really inexpensive plants, consider our pot luck collections.  Just tell us how many plants you want, we require a minimum of 10, and we will choose a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes.  We offer a collection of small varieties for those with limited space, for $3.50 each, and another with a selection of all sizes for $3.95 each.  At these prices, you won't receive the expensive new varieties, but we will send good quality plants.  We never send hostas that we wouldn't want in our own garden.

Hosta 'Satisfaction'
A Bridgewood Gardens Introduction

We are not importers and we are not an internet pretend nursery that that sells plants grown by others. We grow the plants we sell.  We've been doing it for over 35 years and we're finally getting the hang of it.

Hostas are easy to grow perennials grown primarily for their colorful foliage.  They thrive in light shade and can survive for decades with little or no care.

If you're a bit leery about buying plants on the internet, you can see what our customers have to say about our quality and our service at

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Our 1986 Catalog

We began growing hostas in 1979 when we opened our first garden center, The Crownsville Nursery. In 1984 we mailed our first perennial catalog.  Click here to see an image of our first two-page mail order hosta list, published in 1986.


You should probably read this if you're thinking about ordering during the sale.

Come on, take the time to read it all.

If you've never ordered during our Ugly Plant Sales, the most important thing you need to know is that "ugly plants" does not mean sick plants.

Most years, the plants we ship during this sale look just fine.  A few brown spots, a few holes in the leaves, but mostly, until late fall, most of them actually look pretty good. But some of the plants may look a bit punky. After all, it is the Ugly Plant Sale. 

For those that actually are ugly, the problem is the appearance of the leaves. Colors are faded, margins are burned, and they can look a bit raggedy. Right now, yellow leaved plants and those with white margins or centers are looking pretty bad because of leaf spot.  We have had a very hot, very wet summer and that causes leaves to deteriorate quickly at this time.  We may cut some of the leaves off before shipping but we do not like to cut all of the foliage off now because the leaves are still making food to store for next year. 

Leaf spot does not kill hostas. It just makes the leaves ugly and when the plants come up next spring they will be fine.  I promise.

 Most of our hostas are sale priced at $9.95 or less

Nearly 100 varieties are sale priced at $4.95 or less

Many are in very short supply
and will sell out quickly

We still have a few that are more expensive, but, most are priced under 10 bucks now. In some cases prices have been reduced because the plants are smaller than those we shipped in the spring.  Some varieties are on sale so we can close them out to make room to add different varieties in the spring. These prices will remain in effect until the end of our shipping season in November.

Flat rate shipping of $12.00 on all orders

We are sorry, but we are unable to ship plants to AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY or outside the U.S.

Plants shipped to these states must be shipped bare-root (by State law except for AK and HI).  We ship all plants in pots, and the time and expense involved in bare-rooting make it impractical.  We are sorry, but we are unable to comply with these requirements and we cannot ship to these states.

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Sorry, we do not send printed catalogs.

This is Maggie, in charge of moving bulk materials and barking at things.

A warning to casual Hosta users:

Many of us, when we first started using Hostas, thought we could stop whenever we wanted. What begins as casual experimentation can quickly develop into a serious addiction. If you find that you actually want to know the differences between ‘Inniswood’ and ‘Paul’s Glory’, if you tell your spouse that you paid less than you really did for a new introduction, but brag to other gardeners that you paid more, or if you no longer care what your spouse thinks, you need help.

Help is available from Bridgewood Gardens, a nursery that specializes in caring for gardeners afflicted with Hostas.

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